23rd May 06 - 5th Jan 07

The Afro-Welsh Sculpture of Raymond Taylor 

This exhibition explored the powerful sculptures of Raymond Charles Taylor (1935-1998), a self-taught artist who was born in Wales to a West Indian father and an Irish mother. His expressive artwork, produced during a long period of disability, is the result of cultural blending and profound personal experience.

12 March - 20 May 06.


Photographs by NaseerKathawala and Victoria Trifomenko, an exhibition about refugee Cardiff fimmaker, YosefHaimanont’s return journey to his native Ethiopia, where he met his mother for the first time in two decades. The pictures retrace YosefHaimanont’s remarkable story when he fled to Britain at 13 after surviving the Ethiopian civil war and famine

31st January – 5th March 2006


An interactive exhibition examining Cardiff’s increased genetic diversity as it developed into to the world’s most important coal exporting port.

8th October 2005 - 29th January 2006

Butetown Remembers the Homefront - Images, Memories and Voices

Butetown Remembers the Homefront is a multimedia exhibition with video, sound, images and text. It shows how people from the multi-ethnic community of Butetown (“Tiger Bay” and “The Docks”) were recruited into the war effort at home. It also shows how local families struggled to survive after their fathers and brothers went away to sea and never returned, following the sinking of the Ocean Vanguard and other Merchant Navy ships.

20 Jul - 3 Oct 2004

Somali Elders: Portraits from Wales - Photographs by Glenn Jordan

Featuring large, powerful and startingly real colour portraits, Somali Elders: Portraits from Wales is the first exhibition and book of its kind. The project is part of Butetown History & Arts Centre’s pioneering effort to document and celebrate the lives of older Somali men in the UK, especially in Wales..

30 March - 27 June 2004

Butetown Now - Photographs by David Hurn

Informative, beautiful and powerful – this new exhibition of some 80 images by Magnum photographer explores continuity and change in Cardiff Bay. Butetown Now is the most important photographic work on the area since Bert Hardy’s 1950 photos for Picture Post.

25 January - 21 March 2004

Loudoun Square - Heart of the Bay - Utopias Planned and Remembered

Images and memories of 150 years of community life in relation to the built environment — from the Marquis of Bute’s vision of Victorian splendour to post-war high-rise flats. Between these periods of development, Loudoun Square was perhaps the most ethnically-mixed square in Europe…

14 December 2003 - 18 January 2004

Winter Sale: Past for Presents

Exhibition of photographs of old Tiger Bay and the Docks from our extensive archive. Everything Is For Sale!

14 October - 7 December 2003

Sian: Traveller in Time

This exhibition showcases Leon Balen’s original drawings for BHAC’s latest publication Siân: Traveller in Time. An exciting cartoon-style book for all ages, tracing the adventures of Siân, a teenage girl from the present-day, who travels back in time to Cardiff Bay in 1936.

2 July - 28 September 2003

Fractured Horizon: A landscape of Memory

Fractured Horizon brings together the work of Matthew Manning, a photo-journalist who was then a student at the University of Glamorgan, and Patti Flynn, a singer-writer whose family has deep roots in that place which is now called Cardiff Bay. Together, through pictures and words, they confront the past and present of Cardiff docklands. With accompanying book in Welsh & English.

23 March - 22 June 2003

Bute Street: Cosmopolitan Highway

This is an exhibition about life in a street that was, for a century, the most famous in Wales. From the mid-1800s to the 1960s redevelopment, Bute Street was a financial centre and cosmopolitan highway – a busy thoroughfare occupied by people from different classes and some fifty nations. Connecting the city to its seafront, the street was occupied by hundreds of businesses – from ship owners, exporters, accountants and engineers to boarding houses, hairdressers, grocers and cafés. Long before “ethnic cuisine” became popular, the visitor to Bute Street could dine on Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Somali or West Indian food – for this was a zone of true inter-cultural contact.

8 April - 11 May 2003

Tenants in Focus

This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between 20 social housing tenants in Cardiff and two arts workers Mo Wilson and Brian Morgan. The objective has been to help tenants become involved in arts activities, and to counter the myth that tenants of social housing cause problems.
Tenants of a wide age and cultural range have worked together to produce a remarkable set of photographs and often previously untold and sometimes moving personal stories.

28 January - 16 March 2003

Effective Leaders? Images from East and Central Africa

These stunning photographs form part of a recently conducted British Council governance research project which examined public attitudes to women in politics and leadership in East and Central Africa. Commissioned photographer Nancy Durrell McKenna, captures with clarity and spirit, the courage, commitment and warmth these African women leaders offer and bring to their communities.

12 August – 22 December 2002

Tramp Steamers, Seamen & Sailortown: Jack Sullivan’s Paintings of Old Cardiff Docklands

Jack Sullivan, now aged 77, has devoted much of his life to studying and illustrating the history of 19th and 20th century Cardiff docklands. Frequent subjects in his paintings are Cardiff ships, the experiences of Cardiff seamen, life in sailor-town and battles at sea during the two world wars.
This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to engage with the work of Jack Sullivan, the people’s painter.

6 May–28 July 2002

One Island, Many Faiths 100 Years of Diverse Religions in Tiger Bay

An exhibition about releigion and society. Through photographs, voices, moving images and text, One Island, Many Faiths, explores the religious life in a culturally diverse community – “Tiger Bay” and “The Docks” – over a period of roughly 100 years, from the 1850s to the 1960s redevelopment

4 March–28 April 2002

Let Paul Robeson Sing: The Community Tour

Interactive community-based adaptation of “Let Paul Robeson Sing!” the highly successful exhibition which was held in the National Museum of Wales in 2001

19 January–24 February 2002

Our Place: Photography by Butetown Youth

An exhibition of imaginative, playful but skilful photographs taken in 1995 by young people from the Butetown area of Cardiff

Cardiff Bay People

An exhibition of street and landscape photography taken in the mid-1990s by Welsh photographer Glenn Edwards

23 November 2001–6 January 2002

Art 4 Sale

 Christmas sale of of works generated by 16 local artists

24 July-28 October 2001

'Down the Bay' Picture Post, Postwar Humanist Photography and The Divided City.

Images of 1950s Cardiff by Bert Hardy

3 April–8 July 2001

Prejudice & Pride

A powerful exhibition exploring the experience of Afro-Carribbean people in postwar Britain