Preserving local History

27 years ago, with a group of residents from the local community, co-founded what has become the Butetown History & Arts Centre.

Butetown History & Arts Centre collects, preserves and inteprets the history of immgrants and minorities in Wales from the Victorian period to the present. Our main focus is on Cardiff docklands.

Through our exhibitions, books and educational materials, we promote awareness of Cardiff as culturally and racially diverse city and Wales as a diverse nation. We are committed to excellence, equal opportunities and cultural democracy through grassroots participation and empowerment.

We are proud of our achievements over the past twenty years and we hope that you will come and visit us. On behalf of our group, we welcome you to come to the centre.

Top picture: 

Interviewing Gerald Carey, retired nerchant Navy man from Jamaica, for a BBC radio programme made by oral historian Stephen Humphreys, 1987.

Bottom picture:

Founding Members, Butetown Community History Project, Feb 88